Life Coaching

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S. Lewis

Core Concepts of Life Coaching

First, there must be a belief in the capacity for change and a motivation for change on the part of the client. Both the coach and the client must believe that change is possible for anyone who desires it and is willing to work at it. The underlying assumption is that people are creative, resourceful, and growth oriented.

Secondly, development of an increase in the client’s self-awareness is crucial to the life coaching process. This includes being willing to acknowledge one’s current strengths and limitations so that realistic attainable goals may be set for the future. Likewise, increased self-awareness of values and hopes for the future is encouraged.

A third core concept of life coaching is the importance of setting goals, followed by the client’s acceptance of accountability for reaching those goals. All life coaches facilitate the setting of goals by the client. With the coach’s help, a general statement of goals from the client becomes developed into specific measurable goals.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a professional relationship that empowers and encourages individuals to reach within themselves to dream, believe, and strive again to achieve the desired life goal related to business, relationships, health, spirituality, and self-improvement. Coaching is a motivating force to inspire others to identify obstacles and areas of stuckness so that change and growth opportunities can blossom. You are the expert on yourself, and life coaching places that power within your hands to work so your full potential is accomplished. Coaching provides accountability, effecting planning strategies, clarity, understanding, and greater self-awareness. Life coaching will redirect you and keep you on task to reach your desired goals and outcomes. Additionally, coaches equip individuals with tactics and strategies to guide them in making the right decisions for themselves and their future. Are you ready to dream and believe again?

Life coaching can help with many future-oriented outcomes. These may be related to the client’s work, relationships, life/work balance, or general contentment.

Specific examples include:

Improved performance at work as seen in greater productivity

Improved work performance in terms of better efficiency

Increased self-confidence

Improved relationships (more cooperation, less conflict, etc.)

Improved communication skills

Better balance of time spent at work vs. at home

Improved time management at home

Improved effectiveness of a working team

Improved physical health and emotional well-being


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